On 4-8 March 2024, our colleague Mgr. Matúš Tomko, PhD. participated in the Winter Data School, which was organized by experts from the Data Science Academy and was an intensive program focused on data science. The event was held in a dynamic format of five days full of coding, data problem solving and knowledge sharing.

Attendees participated in hands-on workshops that involved working with real data sets and challenges, and interactive lectures on key data science concepts. During the program, they had the opportunity to work on group projects with individual support from a team of experts, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

The fifth day was the highlight of the program – a data hackathon, where participants could choose from three data challenges and apply the acquired knowledge and skills. The goals of this intensive training included providing the necessary skills to work with data, increasing awareness of machine learning models and their limitations, and helping participants in their journey towards data literacy.

The Winter Data School was an invaluable experience that not only broadened the participants’ horizons, but also strengthened their data science skills, enabling them to better tackle complex data problems in their future careers.