In agreement with the general trend to integrate fragmented research in Slovakia we are creating the Centre of Biosciences with the aim to enhance the productivity of the involved institutes. The time schedule of the integration process assumes the creation of the Centre of Biosciences by January 1, 2017. Initially it will consist of the Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics (IABG SAS) and the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics. Both institutes signed The Memorandum of Understanding on formation of the Centre of Biosciences of the SAS. The main motivation for this initiative was to stimulate horizontal integration of research to share the infrastructure and methodologies established in partner institutes. Reaching a reasonable, well-manageable size, the new institution is intended to provide further strengthening of the interdisciplinary character of research, improvement of the efficiency and the quality of research, increased competitiveness within the European Research Area, and in effective applications for international research projects. We also expect substantial improvement of managerial processes and decrease of the administrative load on research scientists. In the future, the Centre will be open also for other institutes currently having the status of the observer.