[POPULARIZATION] Science Fair 2024

During the three-day Science Fair 2024 (May 30 – June 1, 2024) at the PVA Expo Praha in Letňany, more than 100 scientific institutions were showcased. Visitors of all ages took advantage of the opportunity to explore a record number of interactive exhibits and booths from the Czech Academy of Sciences, prestigious universities, and innovative companies in the Czech Republic. This year’s exhibition offerings were truly diverse and reflected the motto “I Enjoy the World with Science”.

Our stand from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) was also present at this largest scientific event in the Czech Republic. Our colleagues from the Institute of Animal Physiology represented the Centre of Biosciences successfully. They explained the functioning of the digestive system and highlighted the main differences in the structure and function of the digestive systems of various animal species and humans using playful and various models. Competitions and well-deserved rewards were also part of the fun.

Our booth was visited by both the former president and the current president of the Czech Academy of Sciences, who were impressed by the creativity and originality of our models. The great success of the event is evidenced by the fact that this year’s number of visitors exceeded 58,000.