Science and Technology Week 2021

We have prepared this year’s program for students of the School for Extraordinarily Gifted Children and the Gymnasium at Teplická 7 in Bratislava. Originally planned open day was not possible due to the pandemic situation, so we prepared an alternative program that we adapted to the possibilities of the school. Through online popularization lecture “How birds help scientists”, we introduced students to the secrets of scientific work in our laboratories. They learned that instead of laboratory mice and rats, we work with, for example, domestic chicken or Japanese quail. They could also see from interesting facts and illustrative videos from our experiments, that the use of these experimental models allows us to study the new cognitive functions of poultry, but also to explore new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The possibility of the program within TVT 2021 was also an experimental activity directly in the school, where the students could try the DNA isolation from the fruit. Many interesting questions asked by the students testify to the fact that they are interested in the topic and we believe that similar meetings are rewarding for both parties.TVT1