Researchers’ Night 2019

On Friday, September 27, 2019, a great science feast – European Researchers’ Night – took place in the Optima Shopping Centre in Košice. The motto of the 13th year of the Festival was “Life, as we (don’t) know it”. During the scientific-cultural show, visitors could see demonstrations of scientific experiments, exciting exhibits, and results of the work of scientists. In the afternoon, visitors could listen to interesting lectures also. In a scientific booth called “Bacteria, a known (unknown) world”, scientists and Ph.D. students of the Institute of Animal Physiology of the CBs SAS, patiently explained the usefulness and harmfulness of bacteria in a popularizing way. They focused on their use for the health of companion and food animals as well as for maintaining food safety of animal origin. They showed a method of isolation and demonstration of bacterial cell growth. The visitors had the opportunity to try basic microbiological techniques, such as microbiological plates inoculation by yogurt. Competitions were prepared for children. The continuing interest was proof that the researchers of the Institute of Animal Physiology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences prepared a rich and varied program that addressed all ages. Author of the text: Zuzana Šefčíková Presentation stand of IAP CBs SAS