PhD Student won prestigious international travel award

DaniilPhotoDaniil Grinchii, MD, a PhD student in the Department of Biophysics and Electrophysiology, won the Travel Award of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP). ECNP is a pan-European, scientific association that serves as a platform to exchange and promote research in the field of neuropsychopharmacology. ECNP organizes annual conferences across the Europe and grants travel awards to the limited number of young scientists who submit scientific abstracts of outstanding quality. Dr. Grinchii’s study to win ECNP Travel Award entitled “Ligands of trace amine-associated receptor 1 modulate in vivo excitability of rat serotonin and dopamine, but not norepinephrine neurons”. This study is to be presented during the ECNP Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, 7-11 September, 2019 and published in the supplement to ECNP journal “European Neuropsychopharmacology”.