2UBGZ 2019Research scope of the Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics SASci is basic and applied research in the biological and agricultural sciences, focused on the study of molecular, physiological, biochemical and genetic processes occurring in animals and microorganisms. The main focus is on the cell biology of membranes and their role in the energy transformation, the role of membrane antigens in the immune and reproductive processes, the neurobiological and physiological control mechanisms of animal behavior, and the application of the knowledge of membrane processes in nanotechnology, biotechnology, agricultural and medical fields. The results of the research activities are published in major international journals with high impact factors and popularized through the periodical and non-periodical press and other media. Currently the Institute has 45-50 employees and PhD students in two research departments: Department of membrane biochemistry and Department of physiology and ethology. The Institute maintains active contacts with several leading foreign institutions (Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia, Czech Republic, UK, Sweden, USA, Japan).

Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics is involved in pre-graduate and graduate studies at four faculties of two major Slovak universities – Comenius University (Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics; Faculty of Natural Sciences; Pharmaceutical faculty) and Slovak Technical University (Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology). Research staff of the IABG is involved in lecture courses, seminars and laboratory courses as well as in the research projects of undergraduate students. In cooperation with the Comenius University and Slovak Technical University, the Institute is accredited as external teaching institution it two PhD. study programs: Biochemistry and Animal Physiology.