Meeting of developmental biologists

On 8-10 September 2023, researchers from the Department of Developmental Physiology of the Institute of Animal Physiology participated in the Visegrád Group Society for Developmental Biology (V4SDB) meeting. This society was founded in 2018, and its members and supporters meet every two years in one of the Visegrád group countries. At the meetings, not only V4SDB members present their results, but also, in invited lectures, prominent personalities of world science in the field of developmental biology.

At this year’s meeting, we presented our results on early embryo development in one lecture (Dr. Čikoš) and three poster presentations (Dr. Kovaříková, Dr. Špirková, and Dr. Pisko), focusing on the action of selected amino acids and their derivatives (glutamate, GABA) and the insecticide fipronil in preimplantation embryos. In the “Young Developmental Biologists’ Forum,” Dr. Pisko gave a lecture in which he presented the role of V-ATPase in phagocytosis of early embryonic cells affected by apoptosis. At the final session, Dr. Fabian, as a member of the V4SDB Committee, presented the intention to hold the next meeting of the Society in Slovakia.

Author of the text: Štefan Čikoš